About DTS Marketing

Who Are We?

DTS Marketing Pte Ltd (originally known as DTS Singapore Pte Ltd) was first set up in 1977 as a distributor of Point-of-Sales systems, office equipment and computers. DTS has evolved itself constantly over the last 43 years to adapt to the ever-changing business environment in Singapore and its regional countries. 

Our objectives are two folds: Aim to maintain if not achieve the largest distributor and solutions provider to our 4 pillars in our company as Retails, Hospitality, Banking and Engineering. The other is to continue and grow our own intellectual property products for retail solutions and engineering businesses. Our Retail Team is affectionately called the STORM (Software Technology on Retail Management) team. It is a small team, consisting of Head of Research and Development, programmers, and engineers in task forces.

R&D had made DTS the first company to successfully develop and implemented its full suite of retail solutions and products to Singapore major malls owner like Far East Organization, Marina Centre Holdings, United Overseas Land, WCT Holdings, Yangon International Airport. Our R&D’s team also produces software that our customer specially want for their businesses. Anything that is related to our customers and assist in enhancing our customers’ needs are all done here. 

Guarantee on Products, Services and Supports

DTS understands each client has particular needs. Our implementation methods uses best practices to professionally analyze business processes, coordinate project plans, execute the implementation and train your enterprise, ultimately delivering on the DTS promise of service and quality.

At DTS Marketing, we place particular emphasis in offering a comprehensive support package for our clients. We provide you with personal, reliable support for any questions or issues that may emerge unique to your enterprise. Our in-house Support Specialists are professional programmers and installation experts, always available to provide solutions due to software and operational difficulties. In many instances, a Specialist can take care of the problem remotely with minimal end user assistance due to the communications backbone you will already have for operations.

Our Beliefs and Commitments

  • Reduce Costly Downtime
  • Guarantee Priority Service
  • Provide Phone Assistance with a Support Specialist office hours
  • Offer Preventive Maintenance (Upon Request)
  • Eliminate Costly Overtime Charges

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Certified

Service is at the heart of everything that local company DTS Marketing Pte Ltd does. This core value has enabled the company to grow by leaps and bounds since its first started as a humble cash register distributor in 1977. To further thrive on this distinction, DTS Marketing has risen above the clutter to be one of the pioneers to attain a Business Continuity Management (BCM) certification in the competitive industry of providing IT solutions for businesses. 

In our increasingly unpredictable business landscape, it is necessitous for every company to continuously seek improvements and ensure sustainability in their daily operations. We were privileged to have a caught up with Ms. Janet Ong, Managing Director of DTS Marketing Pte Ltd who shared some of DTS’s motivators as well as strategies in this context.

The Need for BCM

BCM was first introduced to DTS Marketing when Ms. Janet Ong attended one of the Singapore Business Federation’s (SBF) seminars on the H1N1 pandemic. Ms. Janet Ong revealed that the session had exposed her to the vulnerabilities of businesses to anomalistic events that imperil the business environment. Having enjoyed stable business for the past few years, DTS Marketing was primarily concerned with providing uninterrupted world class service to its clients. It has also been Ms. Janet Ong’s long term ambition to position DTS Marketing howbeit small, as an inimitable fish in a big pond. Therefore, BCM presented itself as a choicest avenue for DTS Marketing to advance their service-excellence edge. 

Market Share Fortification

As Singapore’s executive hardware vendor in the national roll-out of Cheque Truncation System (CTS) in the early 2000s, DTS Marketing has solidified major share of bank branches at 90% of foreign banks branches in the cheque scanning hardware market. On top of this, in the late 1990s, their Point of Sales (POS) products were used in over 90% of the 4-5 stars hotel in Singapore. Renowned chain stores such as Crystal Jade, Burger King and Starbucks are using their solutions to track their sales.

Having netted a substantial pie of various segments, DTS Marketing needed to look towards protecting and fortifying their acquisitions. In an industry that consists of few direct competitors, Ms. Janet Ong indicated that their BCM certification had leveraged DTS Marketing over its rivals and given them a good run for their money. Some counterparts have even extended better trade terms to DTS Marketing! “This will set the bar higher, and potential entrants will have to contend with this new barrier of entry.”

Strengthening the Supply Chain

Being enlightened to the adverse repercussions of potential threats, DTS Marketing fervently explores their value chains – sharing BCM experiences and evangelising the importance of continuity to its partners, earning them the “big brother” nickname among some. 

The BCM training deployed in DTS Marketing had also resulted in a positive shift of attitudes among its employees. Ms. Janet Ong affirmed, “Not only did the BCM training enhance our employees’ critical thinking skills, it also encouraged them to venture out their comfort zones to identify and analyse potential operational problems that might arise in their individual work areas. This refinement drives DTS Marketing’s mission of continuously improving its services to clients.”

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