“No business is so good that the wrong people can’t mess it up. And no business is so bad that the right people can’t fix it. If you think about what a business is, it’s a collection of people who have been organized in attempt to profit from offering a product or service to the marketplace. So if you don’t get the people part of the equation right, everything else is really immaterial.”

– January 10, 2007  By Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures


We use our experience to continually refine and develop our portfolio of technology solutions and services. Our main priority is to ensure that we are always able to help our clients align their business and technology strategies and to pursue these in a sustainable and supportive way.

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. Our people chose to work at DTS because we have an environment that encourages creativity and achievement. We provide our clients with a disciplined yet flexible approach in solving problems.


Management Team

JK Ong, Chairman:

Armed with only a vision and will power, JK founded DTS in 1977 to focus on reselling high-powered cash registers to businesses in the retail and hospitality industry. JK joined forces with Metro Holding to form Transmarco. DTS became a subsidiary of Transmarco dealing with high fashion and high technology. JK has always fostered the team at DTS to be agile and responsive to the market and constantly encourages creativity, integrity and a sense of enjoyment in all the businesses in which DTS is involved. He recently served as the President of Rotary Club Singapore and continues a strong involvement in community projects.


Janet Ong-Tay, Executive Director:  

Janet joined us more than a decade ago. The dynamic young co-founder of a chain of restaurants, Billy Bombers, was integral to it’s growth and the sale of the concept to HESHE holdings. As the co-founder of an e-procurement software company, Janet was also key to the development of the software engine and the sales of the company to Rothschild Singapore. Awarded the coverted Most Promising Young title by the Singapore Tatler, her entrepreneurial nature had seen her spearhead the expansion in Vietnam and China for DTS. Janet was also an inaugural Singapore-Australia Young Business Ambassador.


Tan Lay See, General Manager:

Her hiring was the culmination of a long recruiting search. With Bonvest she managed the entire groups’ IT division. Her experience gained in Popular Holdings implementing SAP for the Y2K project is integral to DTS project management . Her business acumen and experience in both also brought strength to the DTS group. She is key to many of the investments and business strategies of DTS. She is committed to re-engineering DTS to be a service and support oriented business.


Ong Hooi Wah, Head of Research and Development:

Armed with a Master In Science in Software Technology, Hooi Wah has been spearheading DTS’ growth in software that we distribute and / or develop. In his 26 years in DTS, he has also been involved in pilot projects for Registration Of Vehicle and the Cheque Truncation System here in Singapore. He is a key team member and is heavily involved with the DTS Suite of Software in both Jurong Point and Marina Square.


Board of Advisors

At DTS Marketing, we have a solid team for covering all main points of the business plan.


Jennifer McKay, Advisor:  

Jennifer is a Strategic Relations Advisor working in Australia and Asia. She has advised clients from investment banking, professional services, education, health, technology, property, government and the arts on development, implementation and management of strategic plans.

Currently Jennifer is an independent consultant to a large Australian and international law firm, an adviser to Curtin Business School, and advising a large international corporation on a major project in South East Asia.

She has served on the Australian government’s AusAid Private Sector Linkages Program Advisory Committee, the Sports Export Advisory Committee and the Singapore Australia Business Alliance Forum and is a founder of the Singapore Australia Young Business Ambassadors Program. Jennifer is Chairperson of humanitarian organisation W1 Foundation working on poverty and gender issues with a specific focus on violence against women and children.


John Darling, Advisor:

John is both experienced and well connected in the Asian Pacific region. John’s family has been involved with the establishment of the iron, steel, grain and flour and investment banking.


Chris Tay, Consultant:

Mr. Chris Tay is the Chief Executive Officer of YPX. He is responsible for overseeing all operations and company management. Mr. Tay has held a variety of entrepreneurial and corporate leadership roles across China and Southeast Asia. He has a proven track record of identifying new opportunities and creating and growing industry leading companies. Before founding YPX, Mr. Tay was GM of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group’s soft-serve ice cream business unit. He was previously with Ting Hsin International, and held the role of VP for operations and training. Prior to this he was Deputy GM at Hop Hing Holdings Limited. He was a serial entrepreneur before working as the Asia Pacific Head for Wincor Nixdorf and NCR. Chris started his entrepreneurial career in 1994, creating a chain restaurant brand which was successfully sold to an international restaurant chain. After his time in the food and beverage industry Mr Tay went on to start two IT companies, both of these companies were acquired.