Mobile Commerce Apps

Technological advances are rapidly increasing the demand for mobile applications and we are seeing a tremendous growing adoption of mobile-commerce for companies to market their products and consumers reliability in mobile shopping. DTS and Peerjoy have come together and innovated a hybrid M-Commerce platform available on IOS and Android that not only allows users to buy and sell goods, but to be able to browse available items and feedback on the products and their pricing.

We have created our prepackaged White Label App that the Mall Management or tenants can easily populate products onto the E-Commerce platform to meet the unique branding and seamlessly offer products to the shoppers without investing in additional infrastructure or customization effort.

Integrated E-Commerce Solution

Online shopping has successfully attracted large number of traditional shoppers to shop online. It is imperative that the brick-and-mortar shopping mall have to proactively search and deploy innovative solution to attract shoppers back to buy at the mall. DTS has the capability to implement a complete integrated E-Mall solution that includes Mobile Apps and E-Commerce portal uniquely catered for a new shopping experience in the mall. With our unique outsource solution to manage merchandises from shoppers to buy online and collect their purchases at the mall at their convenience.

Start engaging the shoppers wherever they are with our ready-to-go M-Commerce Apps to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to your shoppers via digital and physical touchpoints. Our target is to bring these shoppers back to the shopping mall.

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