Document Management

Hardware – IntelliScan Family

IntelliScan XDS

A proven workhorse, BancTec’s line of integrated IntelliScan solutions offer high-speed, high-volume, multi-application document processing–with revolutionary speed that’s an operational revelation for enterprises worldwide.Built for multi-application, high-speed and mixed document processing, IntelliScan XDS offers countless ways to handle, process, sort and scan–no matter the document type or size.


  • Unparalleled combination of image quality, optical resolution and throughput
  • Quick and easy access to every document–at all times allowing for quick error recovery and problem resolution
  • Dual double-feed detection technology–including four-wheel and ultrasonic options, ensuring every document is imaged
  • Completely open track driven by a vacuum-assisted belt transport, which dramatically improves document throughput and reduces recovery time from paper jams
  • Multiple document sorting capabilities, including different size pocket configurations to suit all business requirements
  • Ultra-low maintenance “cool” illumination
  • Real-time OCR and MICR recognition technology
  • 1D and 2D barcode recognition
  • Five types of pre- or post-scan inkjet imprinting
  • Unrivaled accuracy with real-time MICR Triple Read recognition for check processing
  • Precision camera assemblies pressurized to minimize dust
  • MICR Reader can be disengaged for non-MICR applications
  • Video-based training for quick yet effective operator orientation
  • Touch screen monitor and other one-touch controls maximize operator efficiency

IntelliScan SDS

The completely open track design of the SDS dramatically improves document throughput and reduces recovery time from paper jams. The advanced 1000+ page document feeder allows operators to feed co-mingled documents of varying paper thickness, quality and sizes–up to 11.9″ x 26″. And the IntelliScan SDS operates at speeds up to 255 ppm and supports optical resolution of 300 dpi.


  • Minimize paper handling by eliminating presorting of documents, all while capturing images of both sides of each document in single pass
  • Also minimize editing with built-in features like automatic document de-skew, auto cropping and omission of blank pages
  • Maximize quality of image capture through automatic handling of exception errors
  • Increase efficiency through minimal training requirements, ease of operation and operator-friendly features–including time and date stamp, document indexing and automatic data entry via OCR
  • Completely open, flat track for least restrictive paper path
  • Document skew detection and correction
  • Advanced 1000+ page continuous-loading document feeder
  • Two stream image capture options that include color, bitonal or grayscale
  • Real-time OCR recognition technology
  • 1D and 2D barcode recognition
  • Pre- or post-scan inkjet imprinting
  • Rear inkjet printing
  • Double-feed detection
  • Easy hand-feed access for quick error recovery
  • JPEG 2000 image output

Business Process Management


Transactional Content Management for the enterprise.

BancTec’s CenterVision easily and instantly improves your business performance. It’s a single common platform to optimize the deployment, operation, and management of multiple document processing sites across a global business enterprise. By converting all paper and electronic documents into usable digital content, and delivering it directly to the appropriate business application or knowledge worker, CenterVision makes all inbound information immediately available in order to provide the highest quality customer service.

Business Benefits

  • Cut down the cost of processing inbound information
  • Reduce end-to-end processing times of inbound documents
  • Improve the ability of organizations to automate the processing of large volumes of mail quickly & efficiently
  • Enhance organization’s ability to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Accelerate delivery of information to the relevant line of business
  • Reduce manual tasks associated with sorting and distribution of documents to the relevant department
  • Enable organization to utilize remote / offshore document processing centers to cut costs
  • Complete visibility and control of the progress of inbound business documents
  • Enhance compliance measures with a complete audit trail of all activities

Key Features

  • Captures, classifies, sorts, and processes any paper or electronic structured or unstructured document
  • Business management dashboard for real time monitoring of services and activities
  • SLA monitoring and automatic alerting near to and upon reaching deadlines
  • Fully integrated mail tracking and management of physical documents
  • Financial transaction processing featuring check balancing and check deposit management
  • Line-item invoice processing
  • High speed keying application features full page and snippet keying and support for remote keying locations
  • Operator performance monitoring (keying statistics, training feedback)
  • Easy set up and configuration of new clients, services and document types
  • Easy configurable dispatch service for images
  • Long-term archiving platform and management of retention policies
  • Flexible framework for integration
  • Strong Compliance model
  • Customer portal to monitor services and documents
  • Billing journal for various accounting activities
  • Business management dashboard for real time monitoring of services and activities

eFIRST Process

This powerful suite of tools enables the rapid development, deployment and administration of scalable process management solutions—perfectly suited for large, high-transaction business environments.


  • Optimizes business processes
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces end-to-end process times
  • Enables processes to support best practice and service levels
  • Process automation
  • Straight-through processing
  • Reduces human resource costs
  • Measures and analyzes existing and new processes
  • Extensive operational and strategic reporting
  • Real-time adjustments to changing market conditions
  • Platform for continual process improvement and evolution

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