TK MICR Encoder


TK100Plus MICR ENCODER designed for high volume check encoding with integrated auto feeder, offers high quality encoding speed up to 70 documents per minute, which improves the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of document processing. TK100Plus can be configured for PC-based MICR Encoding and PC controls the encoder via RS 232 port. Optional modules such as rubber stamp & printer can increase the performance and flexibility of system.

By combining encoding and endorsing in one simple step, TK100Plus makes document processing more efficient and cost-effective for your financial institution. It is ideal for endorsing as well as a variety of imprint designs such as signatures, seals and logos.

Imprints can be placed virtually anywhere on the document and also a variety of coloured ink roller & a wide array of imprint plates are available for every application. Other imprinted information includes the date, name, phone number and state of the depository bank.

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