Facility Management System

Hurricane Facility Management System version 5.0 (HFMS) is built on web based engines using HTML 5 and Microsoft asp.net framework and comprises of five modules which come available in Cloud or Intranet web based system. The mobile technology applied would allow tenants, residents or maintenance professionals to easily access the system anywhere and anytime.

Facility Management System Overview
HFMS is a one-stop easy access Tenant / Resident portal to help Professional Facility Managers oversee and manage all facilities, such as fault reporting, duty assignment, service request tracking and analysis. Automated preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking take the load off manually monitoring equipment and common facilities due for maintenance services. Chargeable or non-chargeable inventory used for fixing repairs are systematically tracked and could be easily and quickly exported to the accounting system for follow up billing. HFMS also provides automated calendar-slot booking system with electronic notification where tenants or residents are able to book facilities or event halls on self-help and first-come-first-serve basis system. Managers are provided with snapshot tools such as dashboard and drill down features to quickly pick up, monitor and analyse individual service request or to have overall statistic of all on-going activities. Contact us today to find out how we can explore the opportunity to bring to you this workhorse solution.
Facility Management System Dashboard

User Management

Tenant Account,Resident Account, Technical Team Email & SMS setup

Team Management

Management & Team Setup, Duty Roster & Shift Management

Service Request Management

Service Request or Request Tracking Mobility that support images, Assign Request

Facilities Booking

Facility Setup, Calendar Booking Time Slot, Email or SMS Confirmation


Parts & Accessories Tracking, Inventory Cost Management

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