Hurricane Property Management System

System Overview

Hurricane Property Management System is built on web based engines using Microsoft .net Framework and comprises of basic modules catered for managing shopping mall. Our system are able to integrate with MRI, SAP, Simplicity, IFCA and other accounting system.

Hurricane Tenant Management

Tenant Master, Building Master, Floor, Unit, Trade & Category.

Hurricane Lease Management

Tenancy, Lease Maintenance, Fixed Rent & Percentage Rent Calculation.

Hurricane Sales Tracker

Tenant POS integration, tenant sales collection consolidation and analysis.

Lease Analysis Forecast

Rent Roll Forecast, Variance Rent Calculation, Rent-free Period Calculation.

The three basic modules provide an integrated Business Process System to manage both Leasing matters as well as tracking tenant’s sales performances. Our solution aims at helping mall managers effectively manage their tenants with intelligent tools to help effective decision making. We also offer Cloud and Software as a Service (Outsource Service) to our clients to ensure procedures are effectively executed to deliver the optimal result of this product.

Features with Hurricane Tenant Management

Master setup.

  • Building and master setup.


  • Tenant Master Status.
  • Tenancy and Lease Status.
  • Floor and Unit Status.

Online e-documentation

  • Upload and download of tenancy agreement and letter of offers documents (PDF format).
  • Easy retrieval and online reference of relevant documents.

Features with Lease Management


  • Recurring Rent & Percentage Rent Calculation.
  • Lease Termination, Renewal & Novation

Features with Hurricane Sales Tracker

All reports can be exported to Text, PDF, Excel or Words document.

Business Analysis (User define Dashboard, Charts & Reports)

  • Overall Mall performance (user define periodic comparison).
  • $ Per Square Foot chart.
  • Occupancy Rate charts.
  • Comparison of performance by Trade Categories.
  • Historical performance charts.n*A&P performances.

Tenancy Reports and Inquiry

  • Expiry Analysis with drill down historical sales performances.
  • Mall Efficiency Reports.
  • Tenant Master with lease details.
  • Rent Roll with occupancy rate comparison.
  • A&P events analysis.

Management Sales Reports

  • Gross Sales Comparison.
  • Yearly Rent versus Sales.

Sales Entry & Adjustments

  • Manual daily sales entry.
  • Manual daily sales adjustment.

Sales Reports

  • Hourly sales comparison
  • Daily Sales Comparison
  • Monthly Sales
  • Periodic Sales

Exception Sales

  • No Sales submission
  • Zero Sales Submission.

User defined period with filtering options to print report

  • By Tenant range.
  • By Trade Categories range.
  • By Floor or Area Zone.

System User Account Management

  • User Name and Password access control.
  • Change of user password.
  • User Group allocation with assigned functions for various groups.
  • Audit trial to track user access and actions taken.

System Database Interface with external system

  • Tenant Master and Lease Information
  • Recurring rental and other charges billing templates.
  • Sales Transactions
  • Human Traffic Counts
  • Car Parking Information

Features with Lease Analysis and Forecasting

Analysis and Forecast

  • Current Rent Roll versus Forecast Rent Roll by Period
  • Current Rent Roll versus Forecast Rent Roll by Zone, Location, Floor or One single Tenant
  • Variance Rent Calculation by Period
  • Determine Percentage Rent versus Fixed Rent using model on rental yield by unit area size

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