Integrated Shopper Relationship Management System (SRM)

System Overview

Many tenants are already using their respective Point-Of-Sales systems and they can now leverage to a Shoppers Relationship Management System which is customised for shopping malls and with the following features:

  • Online member web-portal that provide self-help services such as membership sign-up and members account management.
  • Web and mobile services that provide an avenue for creating product awareness, event planning and management.
  • Mobile technologies to identify and verify shoppers at Point of Purchase.
  • Digital Marketing and Business Analysis tools.
  • Facilitate conventional redemption services at Customer Service Counter.
  • Verification, notification and instant reward recognition at Point of Purchase such as;
  • A reliable and auditable technology that could verify a purchase conducted at tenants Point-Of-Sales system and then electronically administer the Shopper Relationship Management processes on a real-time basis.
  • A management system to control and ensure that all online and manual activities are synchronised and carried out according to the pre-set qualifying criteria.
  • Instantaneous recognition of qualifying members and their pre-registered In-Vehicle Unit thereby enabling automatic car park redemption on a real time basis.
  • Awarding of event driven E-Vouchers and other rewards.
  • Recognition of E-Vouchers on subsequent purchases with participating tenants.
  • Mechanism to track and reimburse expenditures incurred by the tenants.

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